Welcome To The Peterson Valve Movie Selection Guide  (Sewer backup & floods)

The Peterson Valve movie series consists of 3 separate online videos. If you need a free copy of the Real One Player click here and download. Once you've downloaded the Real One Player (formerly Real Player) you will be able to watch the movies right on your computer, and thousands of other online movies too! All for free.

To begin watching the movies now.....
Start with movie number 1 below for information on how sewer systems work, how city systems operate and how they can flood your home. You'll also see a comparison of three popular valves which all have a high failure rate. These backflow valves are knowns as floating ball valves, manual gate valves, and swinging check valves. You'll learn failure rates of these valves and see how a simple water backup in your home, even if it's just in the sink or shower, can be as deadly as cyanide gas in just 60 minutes at room temperature. This movie is very educational and highly recommended even if you're not looking for a backflow device. A lot of health information is disclosed along with some surprising facts.

In movie number 2 you will watch & listen to statements made by people who have used the common backflow preventer in their home like the swinging check valve, floating ball valve, and flood control gate valve. You will learn more about basement flooding and sewer backups then you ever imagined and discover what the Wisconsin National Guard, homeowners across America, and The League Of Minnesota Cities learned about the failure rate of these commonly used flood controls. You will also learn how municipalities can become liable and are often sued because homeowners in their jurisdictions have had sewage backup problems. This is a problem many cities no longer have to deal with thanks to the Peterson Valve's PV-4300 system. If you are a building code official then this movie is good education for you. Listen carefully to the attorney for the League of Minnesota Cities.

Movie number 3 will show you what the Peterson Valve's PV-4300 is, and how it's patented technology works. You'll learn why it has a 0% failure rate (Yes that's right, zero failures recorded in over 2 decades of use). You'll hear a few testimonials from homeowners who are among a few past customers in the last 10 years and how their experience with the Peterson Valve has finally given them peace of mind leaving them worry free.

All 3 movies are below and are designed to be watched in order starting with #1. If you don't have the Real Player you can get it free by clicking here.


Can't Watch Online Movies? Click Here To Download The Free Real One Player, so you can!

Movie # 1 Movie # 2 Movie # 3


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