Providing solutions to the costly basement flooding problem and sewer backups, the Peterson Valve has dominated the industry of waste backwater prevention once again with the most successful sewer backflow preventers available in the world today. We invite you to come inside and compare the Peterson Valve's PV-4300 to other types of backflow and waste backwater prevention methods.

After reviewing the information on this website you will discover the Peterson Valve's system to be of the most reliable systems available. With a proven reliability rate, the PV series backflow preventers are guaranteed to remove your worries of sewage contamination and flooding 365 days a year. Our patented technology will safeguard your home.

Now a requirement by some city building codes, the Peterson Valve has proven its benefits once again.

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View the video series of the PV-4300 Waste Backwater Valve Prevention System and other valve systems
that cannot compete with the Peterson Valve including flood control gate valves, floating ball
valves, and swinging check valves. You'll see and hear real testimonials from homeowners, the
Wisconsin National Guard, The League Of Minnesota Cities and more! Find out why we are still
number one and learn how sewer systems work while you watch. This very educational video
is worth watching even if you're not looking for a backflow valve prevention system! Sewer Backwater Backflow

Wedding favors Manufacturers of the highest rated backflow preventers and waste backwater valves.  

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